Why I get a Massage


So we have all been told the benefits of massage haven’t we?

The question is where do I start! The list is endless from increase blood circulation through to a decrease in pain. Yes these are all true and some don’t seem just right. As a Massage Therapist I could talk all day about the benefits of Massage and why Massage is so important. So I’m going to list the main reasons my body why I PAY SOMEONE (Yes I pay someone for my massage)

A little background about me, I’m a Massage Therapist who has been work for over 10 years, I sit in front of a computer when not massaging (or talking) and have bad posture. I love exercise (mostly running, normally run over 30km a week but am currently recovering from a ankle injury, so I’ve taken up cycling) I hit the gym, swim laps or bike most days. So my body doesn’t like me sometimes, so I regularly get a Massage every month to keep my body in shape

Ok so this is why I go for a Massage

  • Feels good! Yes that is a benefit, I always walk out feeling amazing (a little sore sometimes) and knowing tomorrow training and work will be easier
  • A reduction of muscle tension, I know one treatment doesn’t fix all the damage I have done but after a massage my muscles feel looser and my range of motion increases (R.O.M)
  • Now that I’ve used 2 there I need another two
  • Improves performance (that’s my personal belief), when I’m training for an event and get regular massage, my body is able to train more efficiently which leads to an increase in training ability)
  • Knowing how my muscles are feeling (I haven’t seen this on a list before) but its good to know how my muscles are going (are they tight, knotty, spasmed), we may think we know but unless someone is actually working on them we don’t know. I will often ask the therapist the state of my muscles so I know what’s going on (normally I know but how much it hurts)

Now I believe some benefits people are told about require regular treatments to get resolved, so don’t expect 1 treatment to fix everything (we aren’t miracle workers!)

So these are the main benefits that make me get a massage, there are many more and we all have different reason why we get a massage

Now go and book yourself a MASSAGE!!