Preventing Injuries

7 tips for preventing injuries

Safeguarding your physical health.

By adjusting your lifestyle just a little, you can stay healthy and avoid painful and expensive injuries. Natural Therapy Associates are pleased to offer the following tips, compiled by our Osteopathy, Massage and Nutrition professionals.

1. Keep moving

You can avoid stiffness and muscle tension by keeping active. Joints and muscles stay healthy with regular movement, so try to avoid staying in one position for long periods (like sitting in front of the TV).
If you spend all day at a computer for work, make sure you get up every hour to stretch your limbs and move around. Your Massage Therapist can recommend activities to target certain areas.

2. Bend and stretch

Stretching is not just for athletes! You should stretch before and after any exercise, including long walks. Stretching after sitting down for hours is important to loosen your back, neck and shoulders.
Especially during long flights or when journeying by bus or train, you should flex and stretch your calves, feet, shoulders and neck.
Your Osteopath can recommend stretches especially for your body.

3. Have regular checkups

Just as your car benefits from regular servicing, your body functions better with regular checkups by your doctor. It’s not just about looking for problems; it’s about optimising your physical health and living life to the fullest. Regular visits to your Osteopath and Massage Therapist can help keep you in tip-top shape and prevent problems before they occur.

4. Exercise regularly

A combination of resistance work and cardiovascular training gives you optimal strength and endurance. As well as improving physical fitness, regular exercise decreases stress and releases endorphins to balance your mood. Most people find that moderate exercise actually increases their energy levels.

5. Listen to your body

Learn to recognise different types of pain. If you get a muscle tweak at work or home, don’t ignore it. Your body may be signalling that it’s under too much pressure, and serious injury may result if you persist with certain activity. Slow down, evaluate the symptom and seek professional help if the pain continues.

6. Schedule rest

Relaxation and sleep are essential for physical and mental healing. Give yourself plenty of ‘me time’ to recover from work stresses, family stresses and exercise stresses. Meditation can be just as relaxing as sleep, and can be practiced anywhere – so if you’re stressed at work, take 5 minutes to close your eyes and breathe deeply.

7. Boost nutrition

Like any engine, your body works better on quality fuel. Correct nutrition from a balanced diet improves your mood, energy, strength, coordination and endurance. It also keeps your eyes bright and skin radiant. To ensure you’re getting important vitamins and minerals, it’s a great idea to consult a professional Nutritionist to create a diet plan tailored to your goals.

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