Osteopathy or Physiotherapy

North Sydney Physiotherapy VS Osteotherapy

What’s the difference?

In private practice the modern Osteopath and Physiotherapist have unique and very successful back grounds. However, over the years the lines between them have become quite blurred. Some Osteopaths will treat similarly to Physiotherapists, and Physiotherapists like Osteopaths.
Traditional Physiotherapy focuses on rehabilitation of injured tissues using electrotherapies, exercise and mobilization. Osteopathy is more wholistic in nature and looks at the mechanical function of the body. . Osteopathic treatment revolves around a core belief that if one part of the body is restricted, then the rest of the body must adapt and compensate. It is essential to look at the “whole body” during an assessment, and not just the areas of pain. Osteopathic treatment incorporates a number of different techniques including massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, strain-counter strain, stretching and manipulation depending on your requirements for the session. Osteopaths are also trained at reading all scans and X-rays, yet form their diagnosis after thorough physical examination.

Is Osteopathy covered by private health?

Osteopathy is covered by almost all private health care companies. We offer HICAPS service for your convenience.

Can I receive treatment if I am going through a Worker’s Compensation claim?

Yes. We do deal with Worker’s Compensation patients. All the necessary paperwork needs to be supplied before treatment can proceed.

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