Why should you get a Post Run Massage


Why should you get a Post Run Massage

So we’ve all heard it, after a running race go and get a massage!!

I bet most of you wonder why? After just doing some post race massages at yesterdays City 2 Surf, maybe I should explain

The City 2 Surf is a very different run to most other runs. Most people haven’t trained at all and remember 5 years ago they could run it easily but it 5 years on and they cant walk yesterday or today, We have all read why massage is good but let me explain why its important after a run:

  • Injury Prevention – Massage relaxes muscles and removes adhesions or minor scar tissue in muscles and fasica (wraps around muscles), if left can lead to injuries down the track and the efficiency of your running.
  • Recovery – Massage can reduce pain and muscle soreness, some studies say that Massage can reduce inflammation. This can speed up your recovery from your run.
  • Increase Movement – Massage can increase you Range of Motion (ROM), by increasing blood flow and circulation to overworked muscles and will help increase the amount of movement you have post run (lets be honest we have all been there!)
  • Massage should also be used as part of your training for a race. Depending on the distance you’ve run and how your massage feel will dictate how soon after a race you should get your massage

    Always speak to your therapist about your training and how your body feels so they can tailor a treatment to suit your needs

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    Happy Running, Katie!